Financial freedom is just a text away.

Get ready to send, receive, and manage your cryptocurrency with a few quick texts and a simple list of commands. Lite.IM is a trustless, full-featured wallet that you control by texting via SMS and your favorite instant messaging apps like Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

How it works

To get started, just text any message to the Lite.IM bot and follow the simple account setup instructions on the platform of your choice:




(U.S. and Canada only):
760-LITEIM-0 (760-548-3460)

The bot will guide you through the process of creating your wallet and saving your private key, sending and receiving, checking your balance, and managing your account.

To use Lite.IM on multiple platforms, register with the same email address on each platform and you'll have access to the same wallet no matter which app you use.

Lite IM

Take your crypto on the go with Lite.IM's trustless, messaging-based wallet network. Sign up and get started in seconds with a simple set of text commands, all from the convenience of the apps you already use every day. Lite.IM encrypts your private keys with your password so only you have access to your account, even if our servers are compromised. Currently, Lite.IM supports Telegram and Facebook Messenger, as well as SMS messaging in the United States, with additional app and country support coming soon. Cryptocurrencies currently supported are ZTX, LTC, and ETH.